In Close Proximity

Time is always the biggest concern when it comes to business. With everything so close by, you will find that you can take that concern off your chest.

  • 1 Minute from Downtown Magog

  • 5 Minutes from Highway 10

  • 10 Minutes from Highway 55

  • 25 Minutes from the American border

Enjoy the benefits of stress-free lunch breaks, the view of the location from Main Street, and the ease of access for those visiting from afar.

Solidify Your Foundation

There is no better way to solidify your place in the business world of Québec than having an office in the most ideally located spot. Choose from a variety of different sized suites to match your business’ needs exactly, taking advantage of competitive prices that work in your favour.

Whether you are a franchisee setting up your newest franchise in Québec or the owner of a small startup business, we have the office space for your unique needs.

Ample Parking

Any experienced business knows that one of the biggest problems that people face is finding good parking. In the town of Magog, businesses on Main Street are at the mercy of the parking available in front of their shop. This is very limiting, especially during the winter, because nobody wants to walk an entire block in the snow. Le Moulinier boasts one of the largest commercial parking lots in town, ensuring that your clients and employees are happy they have a place to park. On the occasion that you require a larger amount of parking spaces (for an event), there is a large city parking lot directly adjacent to our location. There is also the parking lot of a popular restaurant and grocery store close by.