Green Foot/Cycle Path

The green walking/cycling path is located a mere 45 second walk from the parking lot, very elegantly following the beach of Lake Memphrémagog. Your team will be able to profit from it when need be, taking the time to have long, revitalizing walks and stretches in the surrounding park. Consider using this outdoor space for important team building excursions; remember that the key to an employee’s heart is often found out of the office. During the winter months they can even go skating when the path is frozen over!

The Cherry River Marsh

Another exemplary opportunity for immersion in nature and exercise awaits you and your team members. The Cherry River Marsh borders our parking lot, therefore is easily and directly accessible from the lot. It has extensive walking paths that lead you through one of the most beautiful nature parks in the country.

Lake Memphrémagog

During the warm months of summer time, the beaches are always flooded with tourists and potential customers. This is good for business. On a more individual level, the breathtaking view of this glimmering jewel can inspire some very creative works. All year round you can expect to be astonished some of the most extraordinarily beautiful sunsets that bless the sky over the lake.

Mount Orford

Another gem that adds to the uniquely inspirational ambiance found here is the view of Mount Orford. The billowing slopes dominate the skyline and serve as an example of how beautiful the Eastern Townships truly are.